Press release -
The agency for companies searching for their purpose


The new brand agency Make Thrive helps organizations find and realize their purpose – the guiding north star on how to strategically contribute to society, thereby achieving both environmental, social and economic sustainability and prosperity.

The sustainability strategist Martin Behm is the initiator and CEO. He has been working with brand and sustainability communication for large corporations at leading agencies, such as Hallvarsson & Halvarsson and ANR, for more than two decades. He is now focusing on helping small and medium-sized companies to transition, both in Sweden and abroad.

“Many companies want to contribute more, but do not really know how”, Martin Behm says and continues: “There is an ocean of possibilities for companies who understand their role in society, uses the potential of the brand and think holistically.”

The behavioral scientist and communication strategist Vanja Johnson was recruited early on in the process and more talents have joined along the way. Make Thrive also works closely with academia and the think tank Forever Sustainable.

“Continuing with business as usual is no longer an option. To attract the new generation’s customers and employees, companies need to think beyond the next quarterly report”, Vanja Johnson says and continues: “Sustainability is both a matter of attractiveness and survival.”

Make Thrive started in January and already have far-reaching collaborations with Nelson Garden and Prevas in Sweden, and Fellowmind in the Netherlands. What the projects have in common is that they all started with the brand. The company’s purpose then permeates everything from the development of sustainability strategies, employer branding, to market communication and other stakeholder relationships.

By helping companies to find and realize their true purpose, Make Thrive also achieves its own: to transform to a sustainable, purpose-led economy.

Martin Behm has a bachelor’s degree in economics and business and a master’s degree in globalization, branding and consumption. He teaches at the School of Textiles in Borås and is a board member of Economy for the Common Good Sweden. Vanja Johnson has a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and a master’s degree in strategic communication.