Brand Creation

It all starts with the brand. The brand embodies the organization’s higher purpose and reason for being, as well as its character, culture, and values. It simultaneously sets organizations apart and brings people together. Brand purpose is a driving force for sustainable business transformation.  
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  • Brand strategy
  • Brand development
  • Brand identity
  • Brand implementation
  • Brand launch

Sustainable Action

Sustainability is both necessary, and rewarding. It opens doors you never knew existed. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. So, get ready to walk the talk and get colleagues, partners, customers, and other stakeholders to join in. They will be more than happy to learn and engage!
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  • Sustainability strategy
  • Dialog and materiality
  • Shared value initiatives
  • Sustainability reporting
  • SDG Alignment

Business Imagination

When you engage in brand creation and sustainable action, wonderful things happen. This is the time to reimagine business models, reinvent products and services, redirect strategies, and rethink partnerships. In other words, now is the time to put purpose into practice and make all things thrive. 
  • Business strategy
  • Business model innovation
  • Purpose orchestration
  • Scenario planning

Impactful Communication

Communication builds brands and lets you leverage your purpose. This is your opportunity to create awareness, influence attitudes and change behaviour on a grand scale. By being genuine, unique, lovable, and persistent, you can create the change you want to see in the world.
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  • Campaign creation
  • Public relations
  • Message hierarchies
  • Tone of voice
  • Visual identity

Cultural Evolution

When people believe in and work towards a common purpose, they are capable of great things. Shift your focus away from power, status, and personal gain, towards belonging, development, and collaboration. Building a positive and inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome, safe and can flourish will empower your pursuit of success.
  • Employer branding
  • Employer value proposition
  • Change management
  • Onboarding journey
  • E-learning



Make Thrive was born out of the conviction that companies play a pivotal role in solving environmental and societal challenges — and prosper while doing it. A compelling brand purpose unlocks that potential, creating win-win-win scenarios and blue oceans. By helping organizations realize their possible contributions and understand how sustainability benefits them, we fulfil our purpose: to transition from a profit-driven to a purpose-led economy. And together, we have a blast doing it!